Black Bull Premium Acrylic Resin-Based Non-Yellowing


Black Bull Premium Acrylic Resin-Based Non-Yellowing


Durable Non-Yellowing Acrylic Concrete Sealer


Perk Premium Seal Acrylic Concrete Sealer curing and sealing compound is a 25% solids one coat ready to use, non-yellowing sealer, hardener, and dustproofer. Premium Seal dries quickly and will not discolor concrete surfaces.

Seals and dust proofs all concrete surfaces providing durability and insures that premium strength, greater wear resistance and minimum dusting are achieved. This product exceeds the moisture retention requirements for ASTM C- 309-1.

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Seals to prevent freezing and cracking on driveways, stained or stamped finishes, patios, porches, garages, walkways, exposed aggregate, new or old concrete, and all concrete surfaces. Premium SealTM dries to a clear natural, wet look.

This material dries to a slightly darkened wet look that will not yellow. Premium SealTM resists penetration from salt, oil, grease, water and other damaging effects to concrete. Our clear sealer is ideal for all types of concrete surfaces.


Ideal for Acid Stained, Stamped, Exposed Aggregate, Stone,Terrazzo,andColoredConcreteSurfaces

  • Durable, Non-Yellowing Pure Acrylic Concrete Sealer
  • HighGlossShine
  • One Coat Application
  • Protects Your Investment
  • Quick Drying Time


1 Gal Cans (4 Gal per Case / 60 Cases per Pallet)
5 Gal Pails (36 Pails per Pallet)
55 Gal Drums
250 Gal Totes

*Available in Clear, Brown, Gray, and with a Matte, Gloss, or Super Gloss finish.
*Available in Low V.O.C.

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